Godflesh Tablature

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Last Updated: 28th July:
Added: Reformat, more personal tab links
Prior Additions: Wake tablature (version 2) & Hunter tab correction

Song Title: Submitted By:
Body Dome Light [LT Miley]
Christbait Rising [Kurt Gluck]
For Those About to Rock [Phil Coval]
Frail [Kurt Gluck]
Hunter [Ralf Sesseler]
Like Rats (Bass Tab) [D Jackson]
Mothra [J Phillips]
Slateman [J Phillips]
Slavestate [Kurt Gluck]
Wake [Kurt Gluck]
Wake (version 2) [Damon Gregg]

Here's a listing of some other tablatures that I've done. If I could only get around to tabbing up Xnoybis! :)

Band: Song: Album:
Anathema Sleepless Serenades (Their Best!)
Anathema Hope Eternity
Bruce Dickinson Book of Thel The Chemical Wedding
Bruce Dickinson The Tower The Chemical Wedding
Iron Maiden The Clansman Virtual XI

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