Godflesh Sound Info

Godflesh: [Hymns Demos]
These are demos & rough mixes from Hymns. Note that 2 track titles changed for the final version, Birthdeath was changed to Paralyzed and Beyond Good & Evil later became Deaf, Dumb and Blind. You may notice some other smaller changes as well. A very cool find for us collectors!

Godflesh: [Live at Eindhoven]
A show from Eindhoven in 1999, the sound quality of this bootleg is excellent. These were recorded and submitted by our friend
Andreas Vondran. Track 1 is missing (I, Me, Mine) but the rest will be posted in installments. Several tracks were posted ages ago, but I'm redoing them all.

Grab these quickly as I hope to rotate them every week. If you're interested, there's a review of this show w/ a full setlist.

Main: [Flametracer, There is Only Light]
This is the first release from Robert Hampson and Scott Dawson under the title of Main. In 1991, their former project Loop disbanded. Robert Hampson went on to play with Godflesh for a short time, appearing on portions of Pure and Cold World.

During this time though, he started working on the Main project. Their first set of releases were on 12", Hydra and Calm, though it only saw limited release. The following year, they put these 2 12"s out together on CD through Beggar's Banquet.

It's significantly different from later Main material, and in the late '90s, Scott Dawson left, leaving this to be Hampson by himself. Flametracer is easily my favorite track they ever did, it shows off the connection to Loop and the common influences they shared w/ Justin and Ben. A wonderful track. The other is excellent as well. This cd came in a very cool clear-white packaging, difficult to tell through the pic above.

Godflesh: [Straight to Your Heart]
Happy New Years folks. To celebrate CF's 6th year of existence, I've decided to post one of the most sought after GF tracks of all time. This appeared on the 1991 split 7" with Loop and features each band covering the other's songs. Loop does a version of Like Rats. The track posted here was on Loop's first LP, Heaven's End. This split 7" was limited to only 1400 copies and is certainly one of the cooler collectables out there.

God: [Sick Puppy, Surf Locomotive]
These 2 tracks appeared on God's 2nd release, a live record from 1991. This was the first release that featured Justin playing. These 2 tracks are the only ones clocking in at under 10 minutes. God later released another live record, Consumed, where all songs were over 10 minutes. At the time of this release, the band had only one recording prior, Breach Birth which consisted of only 3 songs. They were mainly a live band at the time. These tracks offer less than stellar sound quality unfortunately...

Godflesh: [Empyreal 2]
This is a hard to find mix of Empyreal 2, that appeared on Earache's Rareache release. Note the slight change in the vocal melody, as well as the perfect transition of the songs ambience. I love the original version, and this does not let down either. A must have...

Head of David/Fear Factory: [Dog Day Sunrise]
The original song was recorded in 1986, with Justin playing drums. At this point, Justin was only 18 years old. The Dustbowl record was the first to feature Justin, as the band had one record prior to him joining. This track is actually Dog Day Sunrise/Bugged as there is no break between the 2 songs.

Fear Factory recorded their version on 1995's Demanufacture record. Burton Bell has cited Justin as a main influence of his. I actually got the chance to meet him once, and he had a lot of good things to say...it's always nice hearing popular bands giving credit to Justin and his many projects. This track was requested, and I figured I'd post both versions for comparison.

Techno Animal: [Cyborg Dreads]
Cyborg Dread Invokes the Phantom Priest came out on the Electric Ladyland 2 comp in 1995. A year later, Cyborg Dread appeared on the Axiom Dub compilation.

I'll assume that the Axiom Dub version was the original mix, just released in a remixed form prior to the original. I couldn't quite decide which to put up on the pages, so both appear here. The EL2 form is a little noisier, and has some voice overs, so perhaps that's Mr. Phantom Priest? hehe...

Not the best TA tracks IMO, but I had some requests for it, and it's always nice hearing those comp tracks that you are difficult to track down.

Final: [Openings]
Flow/Openings. A quick story.

I went to the local music store and saw One on the shelf. At this point, I had only been running the site for a short time. Also, those years were the worst of my life. I can't stand looking back at them. Anyway, the old, 'didn't have money, came back and CD was gone' story holds true here. I was so pissed.

Found it used at a local store a short while later. It's got some moments, but I was never too thrilled w/ that record. I had heard about Flow/Openings as it was to be put out through Manifold Records. I got a copy earlier than everyone else and I was psyched. Again, the site was young, so getting freebies like this was new to me, and very exciting. (not that it's not exciting now!!!) One of my copies was scratched, so I got another. To this day, Justin has not recreated the ambience he put forth on F/O. I was astonished. At night, I'd play the record when going to bed, flipping it every 7 minutes. Final was my new favorite side project!

2 has it's moments, though the direction and approach are slightly different. Solaris and First Millionth were pretty good, but by now, I think my interest in Final was waning. There were some excellent comp tracks, but I believe the merger with Solaris BC is the most exciting news. The Lo Fibre Companion had some unreleased Final and Solaris BC tracks on it. Specifically Polaris Funktion and 5 am. These 2 songs show this merger and is an exciting view of the direction the project may head.

My turntable broke, and without it, I went a number of years without hearing this recording. Finally having it on MP3 is almost like a spiritual occurrance! I don't really expect anyone to understand this feeling that I get, but I wanted to share it. It should be obvious that Godflesh has left an impact on my life, but little has done so as much as these 15 minutes have. It's a calm that I can't describe, and will cease attempting to do so!

Youpho: [Life, Mode 7]
This project confused me for a while. The first release was credited to Locate featuring Youpho while the later releases were just Youpho. Ollie Waters teamed up w/ Justin for this project and may actually still be releasing things w/out him under this same name.

In any event, they released 3 12"s, Antibody, Anxiety/Life and a few years later, Malfunktion/Program. The latter was released about 2 years after it was recorded. I've chosen one track from each of the first 2 records, Mode 7 from Antibody and Life from Anxiety/Life. These are all difficult to find records, I've never found them but do have a copy. I'm not the biggest D&B fan, but I like a lot of it. All these tracks sounded very similar to me, so I chose these 2 b/c they stood out more.

This project is no longer active. There was another scheduled 12", The Snarl but I don't believe this ever came out. It's possible that the material on that scheduled record was later released as Malfunktion/Program, I'm unsure.

Sweet Tooth: [Fat City, Sandman]
The sound quality here may not be the best, just so you know.

Sweet Tooth was founded back in 1990. Considering Justin's long string of side projects, this was one of the first, and as far from anything else as you can get. This project pits Justin alongside bassist/vocalist Dave Cochrane (who played w/ Justin in HoD, and later in God and Ice) and drummer Scott Kiehl (God)

Like I mentioned, you won't hear much like these tracks, which appeared on 1993's live record Crash Live. Sweet Tooth put out one full length record (1990's Soft White Underbelly) and the live counterpart. I believe this live record was recorded during the band's (and Loop's) final show ever. Very cool stuff, let me know what you think!

Techno Animal: [White Dog, Spineless]
From the first Techno Animal record, Ghosts from back in 1991. This album is very different from all other releases. In fact, at points, you wouldn't be able to tell. The band didn't release anything for another 4 years, and by that time, Justin and Kevin experimented with other projects like God and Ice. These tracks are the better of the shorter tracks (3 of the 8 tracks are over 10 minutes).

Godflesh: [HeadDirt, Us & Them, Whose Truth..]
3 tracks recorded in Eindhoven in 1999. This was from a festival the band played, and the sound quality is excellent! These were recorded from our tour pal,
Andreas Vondran. These tracks sound excellent and I've chose these to represent the new and old material. If you're interested, there's a review of this show...

Ice: [The Flood, Stick Insect]
These tracks are found on the classic Under the Skin from 1993. This was the first record from this project and is similar to the God material from the same time period. It's likely that this project was created to shrink the enormous cast of God, who disbanded shortly after.

This album has always been one of my favorite side project releases. Like most projects, it's not for everyone, and I know of a few people who think the album is pure crap. To each their own! The 2 tracks highlighted here are the shorter tracks on the album, but are both excellent, despite the larger file size.

Ice's next record came out 5 years later and sounds very different than this release.

God: [Pretty, Return to Hell]
I've been meaning to put up some guitar based tracks for the flesh fans out there. Since most of Justin's side projects are electronic based, I decided to post 2 tracks from God's Possession record from 1992. This album was what hooked me, and it's IMO, their best material. Backed up by about a dozen musicians, this is definitely different stuff and not for everyone. Hopefully some will enjoy!

Godflesh: [Newspite]
A remix of Spite, this appeared on the Corporate Rock Wars compilation in 1996. Not much else to say about this really.

Final Vs. Solaris: [Voidbeat 1]
This track can only be found on the Fear Drop 3 compilation. A french release, it came out along w/ a fanzine and was pressed on a 3" cd. Quite a find!

The song itself is credited Final Vs. Solaris, probably the last thing Justin did under the latter's name before merging the 2 projects into simply Final.

The Sidewinder: [The Vodun Conspiracy, Ten Ton Ghettoblaster]
I chose to put 2 tracks off of their Colonized record. The album's first track, The Vodun Conspiracy is really evil and spooky IMO, and I thought it was a perfect choice for the uninitiated. The 2nd track, Ten Ton Ghettoblaster is a short piece that sounds a lot like armageddon. Crushing to say the least.

Tiny Tears: [Live 89]
This track was recorded in Nottingham, in 1989. It appears on the Crumbled Flesh bootleg (which also has 2 other titles,
Read More)

Though the sound quality isn't the best, there's nothing like hearing the band live way back when.