Godflesh Side Project Discographies
One-Time Projects

There are several recordings that feature Justin and Ben which do not classify as side projects. In all these cases, no more than 1 release was issued, if any at all. This includes Clinical, Cylon, Krackhead, Saskwatch, Vitriol and Justin's split record with Andy Hawkins.


Status: Active
Bio: This is a project featuring Justin and John Roome of Witchman.
There are no known releases by this project.


Status: Unknown
Bio: Little is known about this new project of Justin's. 2 tracks are known from a compilation, one original song and one remix of Mick Harris' Quoit.

Cylon Discography
(n/a) Compilation Tracks


Status: Discontinued
Bio: As described in Avalanche, "It is the sound of JK Flesh on crack."
A multitude of records were scheduled for release, none of which ever saw the light of day. In fact, only 2 tracks ever surfaced, both on compilations.

Krackhead Discography
(n/a) Unreleased Material
(n/a) Compilation Tracks


Status: Discontinued
Bio: This was a short-lived project featuring Justin, Steve Hough (Cable Regime, Line, BLah) and Dermot Dalton.

A release was scheduled to be Fibre06, on Justin's Lo Fibre label, but this never came out and only one track was ever released. A planned split w/ Krackhead never panned out and it seems unlikely that any material will ever come out.

Saskwatch Discography
(n/a) Unreleased Material
(n/a) Compilation Tracks

Skinner's Black Laboratories

Status: Discontinued
Bio: This is not a side project, but rather a split album between Justin and Andy Hawkins (of Blind Idiot God). Justin performs 4 tracks, all just guitars.


Justin Broadrick/Andy Hawkins:Azonic


Status: Unknown
Bio: Ben's own side project. After a long delay in releasing his first record, Neurot Recordings (a label run by the guys in Neurosis/Tribes of Neurot) will be issuing this shortly. As Avalanche reports, "This CD is a musical study of alchemical processes. Dark and extremely potent soundscapes."
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